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Becoming a member of the Covina Chamber of Commerce will give you and your business access to incredible benefits and resources. It’s time to PRIME, so join us today! The Covina Chamber offers a multitude of benefits for our members and the business community, including Promotion, Resources, Involvement, Marketing, and Education. Let us PRIME your business!

P.R.I.M.E. Benefits


We will promote your business through multiple venues and channels, like web and social media exposure, community events, monthly networking events, a listing in the Membership Business Directory (both online & print form), special afternoon & evening mixers, and ribbon cuttings.


We will provide important and invaluable resources through community and City connections, business lesson webinars, seminars, local one-on-one counseling appointments with business mentors, and business builder events. Other important resources include free drive thru E-Waste events, and special guest speakers at our networking events.


We will keep your business involved through community events (both online and in-person), local outreach and advocacy initiatives, and actions for positive change. We also provide sponsorship opportunities, giving members added business exposure.


We will provide the necessary tools to market your business, locally and beyond. We offer marketing resources via referrals, brochures/business cards displayed in other member customer-facing businesses, member to member discounts and partnerships, and the ability to include your flyer in our membership packets.


We will work to make sure you and your business are educated about the surrounding community, while also educating the community about your business. We are advocates for local businesses to start, maintain and grow in the San Gabriel Valley by providing education and outreach, as well as support regarding legislation & rulings that impact local business. Our education and outreach efforts provide the opportunity for you to develop strong business relationships and referrals within our community.

Chamber Culture

The Covina Chamber of Commerce is a community of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs who share the same goals of establishment, growth, and prosperity. We are constantly building relationships and creating connections through exciting networking events, community forums, and business to business partnerships. All the invaluable information and resources needed to strengthen your business is provided in fun, unique ways that consistently steer our members towards progress and success!

Local Opportunities

Whether you are new to the Chamber, or a long-time member, we hope you take advantage of all the resources and opportunities we have to offer. In addition to the many Chamber events and promotions, you and your business will be offered amazing opportunities to attend, participate in, or event sponsor with our regional partners in and around the City of Coinva, providing your business regional exposure within the San Gabriel Valley.

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Becoming a member of the Covina Chamber of Commerce will give you and your business access to incredible benefits and resources. It’s time to PRIME, so join us today!
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