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Welcome to the Covina Chamber of Commerce, where we elevate and promote a successful business community! Through innovative resources, we support our members and ensure they thrive with more access, visibility, and enhanced benefits. It’s time to PRIME your business for success!
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The Covina Chamber of Commerce is a community of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs who share the same goals of establishment, growth, and prosperity. We are constantly building relationships and creating connections through exciting networking events, community forums, and business to business partnerships. All the invaluable information and resources needed to strengthen your business is provided in fun, unique ways that consistently steer our members towards progress and success!
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The Covina Chamber offers a multitude of benefits for our members and the business community, including Promotion, Resources, Involvement, Marketing, and Education. Let us PRIME your business!
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Becoming a member of the Covina Chamber of Commerce will give you and your business access to incredible benefits and resources. It’s time to PRIME, so join us today!