New Member: AMOS Patrol Services

Our founder, Phil Peters, began his career in the security industry in 1989. Starting as a guard and moving up, first into supervision and then into management, he saw common practices that struck him as unethical. Repeatedly, security operators treated their guards, their clients, or both in a manner which they would not have accepted toward themselves. Employee discrepancies of unreliable pay, unavailable resources, and lack of appropriate training were just a few of the issues that seemed to constantly reoccur. Clients were treated on a “what they don’t know won’t hurt us” basis. Service was often compromised either by delivering less than promised or, sometimes, just completely neglecting the
client’s desires altogether. Disgusted by this continuing practice, Phil left his last position (sales manager at a medium-sized security company) in 2019. Phil then opened AMOS Patrol Services, a company that is built on the concept of treating clients ethically. Our business model is a bit different from most security patrol companies and this allows us to charge less than most other companies, while still being able to compensate employees at rates that are above standard. This allows us to be a little more selective in our hiring process, resulting in higher standards of service than most of our competitors. Additionally, since patrol is our focus, we are usually more thorough than a company that provides standing guards and performs patrol as more of a sideline.