Keeping Covina Beautiful

Athens Services is a local, family-owned waste collection and recycling company that has been around for over 60 years. Athens serves over 50 communities in the Los Angeles area, and has been serving the City of Covina since 1985. In that timespan, Athens, or Covina Disposal as we know them, has been providing innovative and quality environmental services to Covina through reuse, recycling and composting in efforts to divert resources from landfills.

Executive Vice President Gary Clifford was recruited to the Athens team over 10 years ago, and says the unique family-business model of the company is one of the things he most enjoys, versus a typical corporate atmosphere. He admires the company for its superior customer service, its close-knit, friendly culture and its good stewardship. Gary says that Athens’ strongest asset is its employees, each with their good-hearted nature and dedication to preserving the environment, from drivers to customer service reps to executives, and all positions in between.  He believes that what truly sets an Athens employee apart from other companies is their ability to wake up everyday thinking about how to divert from landfills, as opposed to filling them up. Customers of Athens Services would agree that it is a great company, with great service that creates great communities.

Much like the family-owned feel of Athens, Gary credits the City of Covina with being a charming, tight-knit community. He sits on the board of the Covina Chamber of Commerce, and has enjoyed getting to know Covina as a diverse community of residents and businesses that flawlessly mixes small-town America with big business innovation. He admires the engagement between the City and its residents, and the inclusiveness of both small and big companies.

When he’s not working or teaching classes at Azusa Pacific University, you can often find Gary taking his plane out for a spin: he is a licensed pilot and flies his Grumman Tiger AG5B whenever he gets the chance. A former Mayor and City Councilman, Gary is also a self-proclaimed political junkie. He is an avid sports fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Angels, and the LA Kings, and enjoys watching Reality TV shows (like, all of them) at home with his wife. His personal and professional motto is to forgive and forget, and he happily wakes up every morning ready to take on the world.

Athens Services

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