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Tech & Taps Workshop


Covina Chamber of Commerce

Greater West Covina Business Association

Arrow Lodge Brewing


Come Learn About The Program Created To Support Los Angeles County Local Small Business In Our Community

Speaker: Jack Ochoa (25 year Government Executive Sales Manager)

“Leveling The Playing Field” For LA County Local Small Business


¨ Certified in 30 minutes or less

¨ Paid within 15 days or less

¨ Micro Purchasing Strategy

¨ Connection to County Departments

Added Bonus: Covina Chamber Members Receive First Beverage Compliments of The Chamber

FREE Lunch & Learn

FREE Lunch & Learn

Essential Keys to Managing Conflict and Building Communication in the Workplace

It is essential for organizational health and performance that conflict be accepted and addressed through effective conflict resolution processes. As a leader, you know conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. Because we cannot avoid it, we must learn to not fear conflict, but embrace it. It’s your job after all! This workshop will help to more effectively handle conflicts in the workplace. • Address issues immediately and openly • Set clear expectations • Define Acceptable Behavior • Build listening skills • Recognize and respect personal differences

Effective Communication Tools for your Business

Come and learn how to take your skills of communication to the next level. This seminar will provide you with tools to use your own unique personality to create opportunities with new and existing customers. Learn ways to boost your bottom line by increasing your closing ratio. You will reinvent the way you negotiate, sell, manage and problem solve. Clients are evolving every day, time to upgrade your approach to keep their business. Getting outside the box, will do it! Guaranteed informative and fun.• Build confidence when presenting• Close more deals• Negotiate with honesty• Connect with your prospects • Retain customers